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News in our collie rough kennel


6m espresso fellow of eternity 2We took a part at Collie Clubshow in Austria, Neunkirchen. For our young Espresso it was first serious show, and he showed himself like a proffesional! His mother, Blanche won very strong champion class of bitches and became Best of breed. We are so proud of him - he was awarded as CACA and Club winner from all adult dogs at the show! Georgiana was Very promising in her class. In final ring she won Best In Show Puppy from all entered. Judge was Gwen Beaden, well-known judge and breeder from UK, country of origin. What a beautiful day for us it was!

spolocnaWe added new photo to Espresso and we are going to receive official X-ray HD & ED certificate soon! Our adult collies were at eye examination clinically made by specialist - they all are CEA/PRA/kat free

Fernet Stock was successful at the show in Luik, Belgium. He won his class with Very promising result. :)



Džordža na fotografii so svojou babkou Samanthou a otcom AsanomTime to write more about last months :) Puppies from litter F are in new homes in Slovakia and abroad and we proudly welcome new member of our family and kennel -  Georgiana Fellow of Eternity ♥ 


3r Blanche Fellow of Eternity 2What a big success for our kennel and our breed - 7.7.2019 we won BEST IN SHOW 2nd place at International dog show from over 1500 entered dogs. It was double IDS and both days was our Blanche awarded with Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and Best of Breed. She fulfilled conditions for Slovak Champion. Little Georgiana attended this show too - she won her class both days with result Very promising and 1st place

14.7.2019 we took a part at the show in Poland - Krakow. Asan won CAC and Best of Breed from all collies. Georgiana was Very promising 1 and Best Puppy and Asan´s daughter Kayleen Amnis rhei was awarded as Best female

3r Bond James Bond Fellow of Eternity 8In recent months we got lots of news from shows abroad. Our offspring in Belgium - Fernet Stock - had few wins at international dog shows in puppy class. In Spain there is our Bond-James Bond very successful at the show. Our Blanche competed in Poland - Krakow, and won Exc.1, CAC and r.CACIB. In Poland there were successful at shows Eywa and Debussy - they need just the last CAC for Champion title! Cicero from Poland represented us in show rings in Poland as well as his brother Camembert in Belgium :)

Davidoff Fellow of Eternity 1Last but not least, results from competition TOP DOG of Year 2018 are official. We reached many first placement in all categories, Best male, best Brood bitch and best Stud male, but we are happy with special placement for our youn male Davidoff, he was TOP JUNIOR 2018. He deserved this title because he won every show judged by specialist, what he attended. 

Davidoff won his intermediate class and CAC both days at Collie Club Show in Lučenec 13.-14.4.2019, judge by breed specialist Ruud Santen and Bertie Smeijsters. His father Asan was 1st, CAC in open class males, so the both competed about Best Male title both days! :)

We added new photos to our offsprings - thank you very much to their owners! ♥



02We have wonderful puppies - litter F! ♥ Parents are ICh.Inspire Black du Clos de Seawind & Fantaisie d´Amour Baska´s Collies.

We received great news from our offsprings - Davidoff, Dahlia and Cicero are HD A/A and ED 0/0. 

Short news from abroad: - Camembert became father of 10 puppies in Belgium, Damien produced lovely litter in Poland, Debussy and Eywa were successfuly presented at the shows in Poland and Bond-James Bond was successful at shows in Spain. Congratulations to owners - we are ery proud of you! 

We added new photos:  Espresso, Eywa, Dahlia, Bellinda, Elleya and Cucumber. It made my day always when I found email or message with lovely photos. Thank you!!! :)



News & updated from our lovely summertime:

We took a part at Collie Clubshow sept 2018: The most successful were our males: Davidoff won strong junior class - Excellent 1, CAJC, Special Youth Winner and fulfilled conditions to Juniorchampion title! His father, ICh. Asan won open class males, Exc.1 and CAC and fulfilled conditions to title Club Champion. Judges: Michel Mocque & Didier Dupont. You cann see photogallery from show.

Offspring from our kennel were very successful also in abroad: Bond-James Bond was very successful at show in Spain - Excellent 1, CAC, BOB, BIG 3.! Carlisle won Exc.1, CAC in intermediate class Hungary, Bouboulina won Excellent 1, CAC in open class females at Club Show in Czech Republic, Debussy won junior class in Poland, Davidoff won Exc.1, CAJC and Best Junior at IDS Bratislava, Slovakia. Camembert a Eloisee were presented at dog shows in Belgium, Eywa in Poland and Cicero won Exc1, CAC at NDS in Poland.

We are very happy everytime we received wonderful new photos from puppy owners. Everyone has loving family, you are welcome to look at new pictures of Fellow of Eternity Collies: Blanche, Brahms, Davidoff, Asan, Cicero, Espresso, Dahlia, Cucumber, Adelaide, Bellinda, Eowyn, Captain Morgan, Donatello, Carpe Diem, Carlisle, Bond-James Bond, Debussy, Elleya, Eywa, Damien, Fantasy, Hanny.

Carlisle took a part at canicross competition and Blanche with Adelaide became a TV stars :) 

We added photos of Asan´s progeny and Damien´s progeny also. We are very proud of their very successful puppies in many countries!

In june we took a part at 3 dog shows in Hungary and we obtained fantastic results: ICh. Asan won Excellent 1, CAC and BOB and another show winner of champion class with CAC, Carlisle was Exc.1, CAC in intermediate class, Fantasy won 3x CAC in open class and Hanny 3x CAC in intermediate class, at all 3 shows!! Feel free to look at photos in album from these shows.



We couldnt miss the biggest event of our Collie-Club. So we took a part at the Club show in Lučenec with almost all our collies and we are very proud of:

- 1st place in BIS kennel competition - Fellow of Eternity 
- ICh. Asan Fellow of Eternity - Excellent 1, CAC, Club winner 
- Dahlia Fellow of Eternity - Very promising 1, BIS Puppy 
- siblings Espresso and Eowyn Fellow of Eternity - both Very promising (yesss they are  )
- ICh. Samantha Sue Zelene tuje & ICh. Damien Black Amnis Rhei - both Excellent 2, res. CAC
- Constantine Fellow of Eternity - 2nd Excellent in junior class
- Melina vom Traumland Woblitz-See - 3rd Excellent in junior class (from 11 females) and Carlisle & Cucumber Fellow of Eternity beautifly presented in junior class males
- some successfull offsprings of our stud dogs, too (ICh.Asan Fellow of Eternity & ICh. Damien Black Amnis Rhei)

You can see photogallery from the Club Show here.

Boys from C litter - Constantine, Carlisle and Cucumber were examinated and results are HD A/A (free)!

Camembert and Eloisee represented us at the IDS in Belgium and Bond-James Bond won Excelent 1 at IDS Girona (Spain).

Asan´s son passed the Nosework exam and his daugther won 2x JBOB at IDS in Poland.

New photos: DavidoffDahliaEspresso, EywaEowyn, Elleya, Carisma Cara, Carpe Diem, Brahms, Captain Morgan and Cicero.



We took a part at Hungarian CollieClub Show in Budapest, after halfyear break from showrings. I decided it is time to start training with juniors.... Damien was awarded as Excellent 2, res.CAC and young Constantine and Melina were placed at first places in very strong youth classes, we are very proud of them! You can find more photos & info in this photogallery from Budapest.

Beautiful litter from our Asan was born in kennel Ekscelencja FCI (in PL), 4 girls and 2 boys 

We added new photos in galleries of our offsprings - we are so happy with every photo and information what new families share with us, thank you! 



Our young girls Fantasy and Melina were examinated for HD and ED with fantastic results - both are HD A/A and ED 0/0. It made us very happy - this examination is important for us!

We received great news from PolandCicero fulfilled conditions to Juniorchampion title, when obtained another Excellent 1, CAJC in junior class at the dogshow in Sosnowiec 28.1.2018.

Puppies from E litter are in new homes.... Espresso, Eowyn and Elleya have families in Slovakia, Eywa lives in Poland and Eloisee travelled to Belgium. We added last photos of E puppies - together, and also few portraits of each one... We wish a lot of joy and wonderful moments with our puppies to their new families!  ♥

News from Spain: our lovely "spanish" boy Bond-James Bond presents himself at the national dog show in Martorell and was awarded as Excellent 1, res.CAC

We added new photos to: handsome Constantine, Carpe Diem, Captain Morgan, Davidoff, Dahlia, Tinky Winky and Bouboulina.



Photogallery from New-Year-Trip in Poland you can find here. We visited the hill Szyndzielna and in the evening collie kennel Flortix of Collies, where they have nice progeny of our Damien.

Puppies from E-litter have new photos and also lovely movie.

We added new photos to Cicero and Cucumber.



From the bottom of our hearts we wish you Merry Christmas and aonly the BEST in New Year 2018

We received last news from showring: Bond-James Bond won 2x Excellent 1 & res.CAC at the show in Alicante (Spain)!

Camembert took a part at IDS in Belgium and won 2nd place! We are very proud of this young, big and elegant boy! His brother Carlisle was competied at Canicross with perfect time.

We added new photos to puppies of E-litter and made new movie :)

New photos we receive from: DavidoffCamembert, and Candy Crush.



We would like to announce arrivel of beautiful E-litter Fellow of Eternity. Parents are ICh. Inspire Black du Clos de Seawind and Ch.Blanche Fellow of Eternity. 

Lovely young boy Cicero took a part at 2xIDS Kielce and was very successful! He won 2x Exc.1, CAJC and Bet Junior under Gerard Cox (IRL). We are very proud!! Offspring of Damien were nice presented at show in The Netherlands in puppy classes and daughter of Asan won Best female at show in Raciborcz (PL).

New photos we added in galleries of our youngsters: Carlisle, Fantasy, Melina and to our offsprings Debussy, Carpe Diem, Captain Morgan



What do we have new? We are relaxing in nature and every message and photo of our offspring made us happy and proud. 

Camembert won his class at IDS Charleroi (Belgium). Children of Asan started their show-career in Slovakia (Kayleen and Jewel of Amnis Rhei), Poland (Be Happy Branlico) and Czech (Connie Finestra). Offprsings of Damien were successful also - Indiana Jones Amnis Rhei and Hayley & Hop of Sherborne received wonderful results at shows in Hungary. Big congratulations to owners and breeders, we are very happy for you.

D-puppies, aka "middle-european team" found their loving and promising in Austria, Poland, Czech and Slovak Republic. We wish many beautiful moments and years to their families.

After long time we took few photos of our ´one and only´ lady Samantha, and beautifully matured boy Damien. We received new photos of our offsprings from D litter - DahliaDavidoff a Donatello and B litter - Brahms and Bondi from Spain. I am sure you fell in love with Bondi´s lovely darksable colour :)



We took a part at Special Collie Show, where over 60 collies were entered. What a successful day for us.... :) Constantine was first in puppies (5 males) and Carpe Diem first in female puppies (also 5 entered). Asan became winner of champion class, Special winer and BEST DOG. Blanche won champion class bitches, became Special winner and BOB!! In final competitions we won 1.Best Brace (Asan with Blanche) and 1. BIS kennel!!!

Atd IDS Nitra we achieved also lovely results - Cicero Very promising 1 (from 4 puppies), Adelaide CAC, res.CACIB in champion class and Blanche 2xCAC, r.CACIB, CACIB and BOB under breed specialist Judit Korozs-Papp.

You can see photogallery from this show-weekend here. Some offspring have new photos. We wish you pleasant surfing on our pages :)



You can look at new photos of our sweet 3-weeks old D-puppies :)

We spent weekend 9.-10.9.2017 in Hungary at double CACIB Hodmezovasarhely: our rising star Blanche made us so happy with achieving titles 2x CAC, CACIB, BOB, and 2.BEST IN GROUP in age of 17 months !!! Asan received Excellent 1, 2x CAC, CACIB, res.CACIB, Best male, Adelaide 2x Excellent 2, res.CAC and young blue Fantaisies - Excellent 1 HPJ (CAJC) & Exc.3. Judges were breed specialist Eva Eriksson (SWE) & Stefan Sinko (SLO). You can see photos of the show here.


Our offspring Camembert took a part at IDS Namur in Belgium and got Very promising 1 and BEST PUPPY in breed. We added new photo also to his brother Cicero, Candy Crush, and sister Carpe Diem.




Wonderful litter was born in our kennel. Welcome D-litter!!

We add new photos to our young girls from abroad: blue-merle Fantasy and sable Melina.

You can find updated photogalleries from our trip in High Tatras during summer, meeting in Vysoké Skalky, IDS in Krakow (PL), IDS in Szekesfehervar (HU) and Club show in Humpolec (CZ).

We added new photos of growing and promising progeny - litters of Asan and also of Damien. Successful son of Damien, Indiana Jones Amnis rhei reached Juniorchampion title. We are very proud of Carpe Diem - she presented herself at Colie Clubshow in Czech Republic very beautifly.




During summer weekends our offspring attended shows:

Camembert on his premiere in Belgium - IDS Liege received Very promising 1, Best Puppy. Cicero on his premiere in Poland - NDS Nowy Sacz was awarded as Very promising 1. Blanche in Oradea - Romania - won 3x CAC, res. CACIB and fulfilled conditions to champion title. Adelaide was awarded as 3x CAC, CACIB, BOS, BOB and fulfilled conditions to grandchampion title. We are very proud of our fluffy fellows.... 



We had couple of busy weeks:

3.6.2017 - Collie Club Show in Czech Republic (Humpolec) - under breed specialist Karen McDevitt (IRL). Asan in open class Excellent 1, CAC, Damien was Excellent 3 from 8 champions. Melina won her baby class, Fantasy was awarded on 4th place in puppy class. We are very proud of young Blanche - Excellent 1, CAJC from very strong junior-class-bitches with commentar in judgement: "Easy winner of class".

10.6.2017 - International dog show in Hungary (Szekesfehervár) under breed specialist István Székely. First show of our hope Carlisle - Very promising 1, Blanche & Adelaide second place with Excellent 2, res.CAC and Asan in champion class Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, Best dog + fulfilled conditions to title Hungarian champion!!

18.6.2017 - International dog show in Poland (Krakow) - Blanche in full junior-class-bitches Excellent 3 and Asan in champion class Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB & fulfilled conditions to INTERCHAMPION TITLE !!!

1.7.2017 - International dog show in Slovakia (Velka Ida) under breed specialist Judith Korozs-Papp. Our Damien won champion class and was awarded as Excellent 1,CAC, CACIB, BOB and fulfilled conditions to INTERCHAMPION TITLE !!!

Our girls Blanche and Adelaide took a part at dogtrekking competition in Terchová and did it with perfect time!! We were on a beautiful trip in High Tatras with girls and Damien, and enjoy these whiles of free time we had....

We wish you wonderful summer-time!! :)

We added new photos to offsprings: BacardiBrahmsCarisma CaraCarpe DiemCamembertCiceroCarlisleCandy CrushCicero and Captain Morgan. Thank you very much for keeping in touch with us.



We took a part at IDS Rzeszow in Poland. Our wonderful young lady Blanche was awarded as Excellent 1, CAJC, Junior BOB & Asan was Excellent 1. You can see photogallery from the show here.

5 puppies after our Dami were born in kennel Sherborne (Hungary)

Asan´s daughter Verva Actis in Ireland became Irish Juniorchampion!

We had to say goodbye to last puppies... Cicero went to young breeder in Poland, and Camembert became a part of family in Belgium - kennel of Ardennes Heart.

We added new photos of Damien´s puppies and Asan´s progeny too. You can find new photos also by some puppies from our C-litter and B-litter



We added new puppygirl in section "Our collies" - lovely sable princess from Germany - Melina vom Traumland Woblitz-See - came and joined our team 


Blanche has results from RTG - she is HD A/A, ED 0/0 and it made us so happy! Her brother, Bond-James Bond was presented at Clubshow in Spain and received Excellent. Asan´s daughter in Ireland took a part at 2 shows in Dublin - both times awarded as Excellent, Best Junior Bitch. 


3 weeks ago we took a part at Collie & Sheltie Clubshow with 5 collies:

Blanche Fellow of Eternity - Excellent 1, CAJC, Youth Club Winner, Junior BOB (from 27 juniors at show!!!)

Fantaisie D´Amour Baska´s Collies - Very promising 1 in puppyclass

Ch. Damien Black Amnis rhei - Excellent 1, BIS honour class

Ch. Asan Fellow of Eternity - Excellent 2, res. CAC in champion class

Ch. Adelaide Fellow of Eternity - Excellent 4 in open class

Judge was breed specialist Duna Jones (Erjon collies) from UK. Here you can find photogallery from the show - more pictures of our dogs that day.


Damien becomes father of litter in kennel Lovely Bears (The Netherlands) - 4 tricolour puppies were born. The same day we received news from Poland (kennel Branlico) - beautiful 5 sable puppies were born after our Asan.

We updated website of Damien´s progeny as well as Asan´s progeny.

We added new photos to our collies and puppies from C-litter.



7.2.2016 were born C-litter in our kennel !!! Very promising puppy boy from this unique combination is available to serious show & breeding home.


It is great pleasure to welcome new member of our collie family - Fantaisie D´Amour Baska´s Collies - our blue merle hope from Holland  


Asan Fellow of Eternity becomes father of more litters: C-litter in kennel Finestra (Czech Republic, 5 females + 1 male), J and K litter in kennel Amnis Rhei (Slovakia, 6 females + 4 males) and L litter in kennel In Pleno (Poland). He will be father soon in kennel Branlico (Poland).

Damien Black Amnis Rhei becomes father of  B-litter in kennel Yaless Blue (Slovakia, 2 blue males + 2 tri males + 1 blue female + 4 blue females). He will be father soon in kennel Lovely Bears (The Netherlands)


We added new photos: BrahmsBond-James BondBlanche, Adelaide...



Damien took a part on a little trip with his breeders from Amnis rhei to Lublin in Poland (10.12.2016). There was international dog show with judge from UK - Richard Kinsey. In strong competition Damien became Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB!


Adel with her master took a part at winter canicross (Bosorkin canicross 11.12.2016), they had excellent time.

Bond - James Bond was at show in Valencia (Spain, 17.12.2016), he obtained Very promising & Best puppy!

Daughter of our Asan - Verva Actis - received beautiful results at All breed dog show in Ireland - she wins the junior bitch class Group 1!


We have 3 photos in well-know calendar 2017 at international Collie-online website!! Samantha with B-puppies, Asan & Damien...


New photogallery from our "private collie meeting" with friends on Klatov meadows :)

We added new photos: Brahms, Bond - James Bond, Blanche, Adelaide, Damien & Samantha.



News from last 2 months are ready.... :) On the picture are 3 princess from the family of our Bellinda


We updated profiles & added new photos: Asan, Bouboulina, Bacardi, Brahms, Bellinda, Blanche, James Bond, Adel and Damien too.



08.10.2016 we took a part at international dog show in Komarom (Hungary). Blanche won puppy class with Very promising 1 and Asan became Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, Crufts Qualification and BOS! Judge was Charlotte Hoier, breeder and specialist from Denmkar. 

Photogallery from the show in Komarom.


08.-09.10.2016 Damien was on a trip in Romania (2x international dog show in Turda) with his breeders & our friends from kennel Amnis Rhei. He was awarded as 2xCAC, res.CACIB, CACIB, BOB and fulfilled condition to Grandchampion title! Thank you to team Amnis rhei for lovely presentation and taking such a good care about our blackboy.


13.11.2016 we could not miss Collie Club show in Badbergen (Germany), under renowned breed specialist Alan Clark from GB. There were about 70 collies at the show, from differend countries (DE, FR, NL,...) Our Damien won champion class (Excellent 1, CAC), Adel was Excellent 3 (in open class from 10 bitches) and Blanche Very promising in puppy class!

Big thans to organizers for a lovely show & all old and new friends for a very lovely time.

During this weekend we made also a very short trip to Holland and visited this beautiful country and one of our friends there - breeders from kennel Baska´s Collies.

Photos from this weekend in new photogallery. :)


We are very proud of show-successes under breed specialists in abroad !!!


News from Spain - Bond - James Bond took a part at international dog show in Valls and received fantastic achievements in puppy class: Very promising 1, Best Puppy & Best puppy in Group!!


We have very successfu daughter of our Asan in Ireland - Verva Actis. She attended several shows with excellent results. Last time she was Best In Group 1 in her age of 10 months!!





16.9.2016 - IDS Kecskemét (Hungary) - Asan was awared as Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB!! Blanche was Very promising in puppy class. Photogallery from the show uploaded! Judge: June Wall from Ireland. 


17.9.2016 - Special collie & sheltie Club Show in Nitra.

Our younsters Bacardi, Blanche, Bellinda did a great job in puppy class!! Adelaide was Excellent in open class females, Asan Excellent 2, res.CAC in open class males (from 7 dogs), and Damien Excellent 1, CAC in champion class. Damien also fullfiled conditions for Club champion!!! 


Show news from Spain - Bondie took a part at 2x IDS in Bilbao - he was both days Very promising, Best baby!!

Show news from Ireland - Verva Actis, daughter of our Asan won several times at shows - she received also Green Star bitch title!! 




Our offsprings from A-litter celebrated their 3th birthday!! Wish him only the best....

We added new photos to all puppies from B-litter. Thank you to their owners, appy to see them growing up... ♥



Despite last days were so busy, we couldnt miss the Clubshow in Austria (Boheimkirchen), under breed specialist Brian Hawkins (kennel Brilyn). We received fantastic results!!! <

Damien - Excellent 1, CACA (open males), Asan - Excellent 2, res. CACA (champion males), Blanche - Very promising (baby females), Adele - Excellent 1, CACA (open females). 

You can look at the photos from this show.

New photogallery from our collie trip to Čierny Váh we made last week.



We had to say goodbye to our last puppy - Bond - James Bond. Bondie´s new home is in Spain - kennel Delfluvia. We wish all the best with him to his new owners, Josep & Cristina!

Asan took a part at National Dog show Veľká Ida - 2.7.2016. He was awarded as Excellent 1, CAC (judge: Sandor Szabo (HU) 

We added new photos to Asan, and also our B-puppies: Bellinda, Bouboulina, Blanche, Brahms, Bondie. Thanks to their owner for every photo, mail or call. 



B-puppies are in new homes. We wish the beautiful moments with puppies to their owners! Bouboulina & James Bond will stay longer with us.... 

Have your ever seen puppies "play golf"? Video of our b-puppies on Adventure golf. 

We received some wonderful news from breeding world:

  • Puppy after our Asan - Verva Actis - traveled to to Ireland, little kennel Dromtane
  • In kennel Amnis Rhei (Slovakia) was born super litter after our Damien 
  • In kennel Branlico (Poland) we are expecting lovely litter after Asan
  • Also in kennel Angie's Angels (Hungary) očakávame v júni vrh, opäť po našomwe are expecting puppies after Asan

Thanks to the breeder for their trust in our stud dogs! Wish him wonderful offsprings..



New video of our actuallty B litter!!

7.5. we took a part at Collie Clubshow in Szilvásvárad (Hungary). Our Asan was awarded as Excellent 1, CAC, Club winner & BOS!!! Judge: breed specialist: Karen McDevitt (IRL) - thank you! You can look at few photos from the show.

We added photos from: Collie Clubshow Lučenec (SK) & Collie Clubshow Chropyně (CZ).



New photos and videos of our actuallty B litter!!

7.5. we were at Collie Clubshow in Chropyně - Czech republic. Our Damien was awarded as Excellent 1, CAC, Club winner & BOS from 60 collies! Judge: breed specialist Geoff Duffiel (UK) - thank you!!!

We added new photos to Asan and Damien. ♥



We have puppies !!! 6 wonderful darksable darlings - 3 boys & 3 girl. Potos, info & names  here, in puppy section.

At 16.4. we took a part at our Club in Lučenec. Our collies received lovely results & really wonderful judgements from fantastic judge (UK breeder specialist) Tony Iley, in very strong competition! More photos and information soon.

Adele - Excellent (open females - 13)

Asan - Excellent 2, res. CAC (open males - 6)

Damien - Excellent 3 (champion males - 6)



The most beautiful news for us: we are expecting puppies !!! More information here, in puppy page.

We added names & new photos to progeny of our Asan.

We took a part at International dog show in Brno (Czech Republic) with Damien in champion class. He made us very happy! Breeders & collie owners from 7 countries (F, RU, DE, HU, SK, CZ, PL) entered their collies at the show and our darling Dami was Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS !!!

Photogallery from International dog show Brno (CZ).



Our Asan is a father for the first time !!! 4 lovely & big sable puppies (2 boys & 2 girls) were born in kennel Actis (in Poland).

♥ More info & photos of this litter here. ♥


Our team Fellow of Eternity won 4.TOP COLLIE ROUGH KENNEL in prestige club competition TOP dog 2015 !!!
Despite the fact, that we don't attend shows as often as before, we gained some very high results under the specialist.
We are very happy when we see, that what we do with love, we do well!


Our lady Samantha had 5. Birthday! We wish her many many happy years with us.... :)

We were in Ljubljana (Slovenia) for a weekend with our Damien. We enjoyed the time & on saturday we presented ourselves at 2 dog shows there: international & club show.  Here is photogallery from the trip in Ljubljana. Here you can find another one photogallery, only with collies from shows.

In december we took a part at canicross - "Bosorkin canicross". Adele, Asan & Samantha run with us.



This weekend we spent (7.-8.11.2015) in Czech Republic.There were double-Clubshow in Mladá Boleslav, with very honorable judges: Mr. Michel Mocqué and Didier Dupont (France). We presented our two youngers.

2-years-old Damien in champion class (5 males) - Excellent 2, res. CAC

Adele in open class (7 females) - Excellent 2, res. CAC

We are very proud of them!! Nice to see our collies in international competition with great results. Thanks to our friend from Slovakia, for such a lovely weekend & their company. We updated photogallery:

Photogallery from Double-Collie-Clubshow in Mladá Boleslav (Czech Republic)



We would like to introduce you our new BIS WINNER! ♥ Ch. Damien Black Amnis Rhei !!!

We are very happy with results of our collies from well-organised Special Collie & Sheltie Show, Prešov 2015. Damien won Best of Breed & Best in Show. Judge: Pawel Boniecki, PL. Big congratulations to everyone, thank you for beautiful day!! We are very proud of our collies, offsrpings, friends... ♥

Damien - intermediate males - Excellent 1, CAC, Special Winner, BOB, BIS !!!

Sunny - open males - Excellent 1, CAC

Adele - open females - Excellent 2, res. CAC (from 5)

Samantha - champion females - Excellent 2, res. CAC

New photos also in Sunny´s photogallery.



At 22.8.2015 we took a part at the Special collie & sheltie Club Show in Ostrava - Czech Repulic. Best collie (BOB & 2. BIS) at this show became our Samantha !!! ♥ Judge was Róbert Kotlár, HU.

Damien - inetermediate class - Excellent 2, res. CAC

Samantha - champion class - Excellent 1, CAC, Special Winner, BOB, 2. BIS !!!

Thank you very much to our friends for such a lovely day...



We spent some lovely days on mountains with our collies and friends. Hiking was great and weather ideal, We added some photos:

New photos have our Adele and Damien.



We are very proud of our Adele: she received Excellent 1, CAC at National Dog Show in Košice (4.7.2015)!!
Our Sunny - Asan has new photos with lavenders... :)



We added photos from Club Show in Lučenec.
New photos have Damien and Adele.



We added new photos in galleries of all our collies.

This weekend (11.4.2015) we had Collie Club Show in Lučenec.
Judge was Mr. Michel Mocque, very well-known judge-specialist & collie breeder from France.


Damien first time in champion class, obtained Excellent 1, CAC, Best movement in breed & short list for Best head !!!

Sunny was Excellent 2, reserve CAC in intermediate class!

Adelka won her intermediate class, first from 3 females with Excellent result!

Big thanks to our friends from Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic, for such a lovely weekend!!!

In a few days we will add complete photogallery from the show.


Damien, Adelka & Sunny on the poster of collie Clubshow in Lučenec.

Samantha with her A-puppies again on banner on the website Collie Life.

Sunny´s portrait in calendar (for April) on french website collie-online



Some news from wonderful trip with great friends to Cluj Napoca. :) Thank you very much to my freinds for such a great time we spent together!! ♥ Adelka, Sunny and Dami are CHAMPIONS now ♥

Adelaide: 2x CAC, res. CACIB 

Asan: 2x CAC, CACIB, res.CACIB

Damien: 2x CAC, res. CACIB, CACIB, BOB

More photos you can see in this gallery.



Adelaide and Sunny on proposition of Club Show 2015!
Sunny in calendar on famous international collie webpage: collie-online!

We have results from all-year-club-show competition TOP DOG. Some show and sports results had also our collies & they won:

ADELAIDE - 2. TOP junior female, 2. TOP sports collie, 3. TOP club hope
ASAN - 3. TOP junior male, 6. TOP male
DAMIEN - 1. TOP junior male, 2. TOP male, 4. TOP sports collie
SAMANTHA - 3. TOP sports collie,

Kennel FELLOW OF ETERNITY - 5. TOP kennel!

Many thanks for presentation of our puppies ♥

We added some new winter photos from our walks and trips.

We obtained some new photos & DM result of our Adele - the same results as her mother Sam.



During free days we spent our time in nature:

- Višňovská valley with Dami & Sam

- Zádielská valley with Sunny

You can find new photos also in photogalleries of Damien & Sunny.


23.12.2014 - Merry Christmas!!!

We wish you Merry Christmas and all the best in New Year !!

14.12. - our Adelka took a part at Canicross in Košice. 4 kilometers and great result - 26 minutes. Congrats to our girls - Mirka & Adelka!!


14.12.2014 - New web

You are very welcome at our "new" pages! :)

On this occasion, we have updated and completed all sections,

We added health-certificates of test to all our collies (in their profile-cards).


15.11.2014 - PRA-rcd2 test

We received results of PRA-rcd2 examination of our Samantha… Results are N/N (non affected) – we are very happy! :)


24.10.2014 - European dog show 2014

I would like to introduce to you:
Excellent 1, CAJC, EJW ´14, Junior BOB – Damien Black Amins Rhei (12 months)!!
Judge: Mgr. Dana Fialová
We are very proud of Damien. Judge said at the end of judging: „This is MY dog of day!!“ ♥
---) Photogallery from European dog show 2014 (Brno)

You can see new photogallery from our collie-meeting in Košice. From us there were: Dami, Sunny and Adele.
Thank you to our friends for wonderful day!

Our young boys have new photos: Dami a Sunny.


17.10.2014 - Hips examination

Results from Dami´s HD ED:  HD A/A and ED 0/0 !!!

He has new photos in his gallery.


05.10.2014 - CACIB Bratislavakolia dlhosrsta – damien black amnis rhei

Little trip to CACIB dogshow in our capital city Bratislava (with Damien) brought us wonderful results:
Excellent 1, CAJC, CRUFT'S quali­fication & BEST MALE – BOS !!!


27.09.2014 - Dogtrekking in Budimír

27.9.2014 – We took a part at Dogtrekking in Budimir with collies: Samantha, her daughter Adelaide and our bluemerle roughie-friend Grace.
Thank you to our friend for beautiful saturday :)

You can find some photos here.


22.09.2014 - Dogtrekker Adele

Adelina is our active girl!! She took a part at the next dogtrekking with beautiful results! Congratulations to our princess, we are very proud of you! ♥

We added a few new photos to galleries of our Damien and Samantha.


07.09.2014 - Special collie & sheltie Club show - Košice

We took a part at Special collie & sheltie show in Košice with our youngsters. They all obtained nice result – Excellent, and our little Damien also title CAJC in junior class!! Our Adele, Sunny and Damien successfuly fulfilled required conditions to become brood bitch and stud dogs today.
We are very happy and proud of them!! Thank you to their owners for such a lovely company and nice presentation ♥

We added beautiful new photos in galleries of Sunny and Adelaide.



31.08.2014 - Trip to Berlín

kolia dlhosrsta – damien black amnis rheiLast weekend in August we decided to travel – to Prague and Berlin. 31.8.2014 we took a part at the Club show in Berlin – Germany. Our Damien was in junior class, as the youngest dog from 6 entries.
He proved his quality very well and won Excellent 1 & CAC-J!!!
Judge was Alan Clarke (kennel Lynway).
Many thanks to our friend for wonderful weekend!

---) Big photogallery from Clubshow in Berlin

We added also new photos to our almost-3-years old Tinky Winky.


24.08.2014 - Sunny news :)

The first and priceles news for us is: Sunny was on hips examinations (HD & ED) and we have great pleasure from reults. He is HD A/A, ED 0/0!!! We are very happy!!!
Sunny has all health tests (CEA/PRA/kat, HD, ED, MDR, DM, PRA-rcd2) free (negative, no carrier)!!! ♥

You can find new photos in gallery of Damien.

Our Sunny is also on proposition of Special Collie & Sheltie dog show.
Sam and Damien are on banner of Special Collie & Sheltie dog show.


20.07.2014 - Trip to Poland

On National dog show in Nowy Targ (Poland) have beautifully presented our three rough collies (Adelaide, Asan and their mother Samantha). They reached great results:

The judge was Barbara Czasławska (PL).
Big congratulations to owners of Adele & Sunny! We are very proud of you ♥
Thank you to our friends for lovely day!!

Some photos from the show in Nowy Targ you can find here.

Adelaide is not only born-model, but very good athlete also. She was very successful on her second dogtrekking – in Bardejov.


05.07.2014 - National dog show Košice

We took a part at National dogshow in Košice, Veľká Ida (SK) with our young male Sunny. His result was Excellent 1, CAJC in Junior class!! ♥
You can find his new, actuall photos in his photogallery.


19.06.2014 - Great health results

kolia dlhosrsta – fellow of eternityWe got PRA-rcd2 results of our young boys Dami and Sunny.
Both results are PRA-rcd2 N/N (free) – we are very happy!

New photos in galleries have: Samantha, Damien and Adele.


18.05.2014 - News

We added 2 new photogalleries:

17.5.2014 we took a part at Regional dog (all breed) show in Dvorianky. Sunny with Adele were very first time in junior class. Damien still in puppy class – and he won also BIS Puppy!! In competition „Child and dog“ was Dami with handler Kiko at 3rd place – gratulations!! ♥
Thank you to our friend for very nice atmosphare at show! :)


12.05.2014 - Klubové výstavy

kolia dlhosrsta – fellow of eternity10. & 11.5.2014 we took a part at Jubilee Club show & Club show of Collie and Sheltie Club (SK) in Lučenec.
„Thank you“ to all our friends, for wonderful weekend !!!

Amity Fellow of Eternity „Ejmi“ – Very promising
Adelaide Fellow of Eternity „Adelka“ – 2× Very promising, BIS Puppy on Saturday
Asan Fellow of Eternity „Sunny“ – 2× Very promising
Adelaide + Asan were 2. BIS Brace both days
Damien Black Amnis Rhei „Dami“ – 2× Very promising, BIS Puppy on Sunday
ICh. Samantha Sue Zelené tuje „Sam“ – 2× Excellent 1, BIS both days (honor class)

On saturday were Adele, Sunny, Damien and Sam choosen in final competition for „Best head“ and „Best movement“ in breed. Both days were also Sunny with Kiko, and Samantha with Luli successful in the competition „Dog and child“, and won lovely prices ♥
Judges were István Székely and Timea Kakas from Hungary.

♥ Big thanks to owners of our puppies – for first-class care, presetation on shows, and big gratulations to the results!

19.4. – Adele took a part at her very first dogtrekking during Easter… gratulations to our clever girl, and her owner Mirka!

We added new photos to galleries of all collies…


14.04.2014 - Trips

We are very happy – we received the results from DM analysis of our Sunny, and he is DM +/+ (N/N)

We added new photos to galleries of our fast growing-up puppies: Sunny, Dami and Adelaide.

Spring is coming and we are still on trips:
7.3. we took a part at 1st Workshop Relationships between people, animals and nature in Žiliny city with Samantha and Damien.

8.3. Walk in Brezany with Sam a Damien – I created new photogallery from this sunny afternoon.

21.3. With Sunny and Damien we took a part at Workshop at University of Veterinary Medicine in Košice – the theme was „Assisted education of dogs in an educational institution“.

29.3. Trip to Lietava Castle with Samantha and Damien – we added photos from the trip.

30.3. Košice – Bankov – with Sunny, Damien, and Adele we took a part on walk on the hill Bankov. As a company we had lots of friends-collie owners from the east Slovakia. We created new photogallery from this day.

13.4. Little walk with Damien, trip from Kostolany to Košice. Photos from walk.


23.02.2014 - New photos and activities

We added new photos to Damien and Tinky Winky, and to our half-year-old puppies Adelaide, Amity and Sunny 

With Samantha we again visited cynological hobby-group in school and also with Damien cynological hobby-group in OC Mirage.


20.01.2014 - TOP DOG Competition 2013

kolia dlhosrsta – fellow of eternityIn our Collie & Sheltie Club were evaluated results of „TOP dog 2013“ competition:
Tinky Winky was awarded as TOP 3. collie rough male and TOP 2. collie rough junior male!
Samantha became TOP 3. sporting collie rough! ♥

Our friend Lucka Drietomská approached us with an idea – nás oslovila s ponukou photo shoot in studio – thank you! You can see ftastic photos in photogalleries of our boys Sunny and Damien.

We added new photos also to photogallery of our Sam, and to her daughters Adelaide and Amity.


29.12.2013 - One more collie

We have a new addition in our family – from the beginning of December we welcomed one little tricolor puppy – Damien. Thank you very much to our friends from Amnis Rhei kennel for this fantastic puppy!
More information about Damien you can find on his personal pages. We created also his own photogallery.

We added two new photogalleries from our trips: trip to Kojšovská hoľa hill and walk in Košice – Ťahanovce.

We added new photos in profil to our princess Adelaide.


06.12.2013 - The last autumn news :-)

We added new photos to galleries of our beautiful puppies Sunny and Adele.
Amity has great results of eye-examination – she is CEA/PRA/KAT – free, we are very happy.


27.10.2013 - News

kolia dlhosrsta – a litter fellow of eternityAll our collie rough puppies from A litter have found a perfect new homes. We wish them all the best in their new families.
We added photos to galleries of all three puppies.

Samantha crowned her successful show carrier by obtaining CAC, CACIB & BOB and by this she became a new INTERCHAMPION !!!

Tinky was no worse than Sam, he won Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB & BOS at CACIB dog show Bratislava in intermediate class.


05.10.2013 - Puppies

Puppies will be 8 weeks old soon… We added new photos to their galleries.

Also we obtained the results of MDR analysis… and to our big surprise are all our puppies – Amy, Adelka and Sunny are MDR +/+, free.


20.09.2013 - Club show

kolia dlhosrsta – a litter fellow of eternityWe took a part at Club show with Tinky Winky. He was the youngest in open class and he won res. CAC – Excellent 2, and was choosed in short list for best headin breed.

We added new photos and video to our Puppies :-)


01.09.2013 - New puppy photos

Our puppies are celebrating 3 weeks soon. We added many photos to their photogallery aad created own card to every puppy: Adelaide, Amity, Asan :-)



20.08.2013 - Samantha - face of dogshow 2xCACIB Nitra

kolia dlhosrsta – a litter fellow of eternityOur Sam was chosen as the FACE of DUOCACIB Nitra dogshow – one of the most prestigious showsin our country throughout the year!!!

Our puppies are growing very fast – they are 1 week old today. I am adding new photos to their photogallery continuously. :-)


14.08.2013 - We have puppies !!!

12.8.2013 were born our dream-puppies after Samantha. We have 3 beautiful and strong puppies2 female and 1 male. More information and photos you can find in puppy section.


21.07.2013 - We are expecting!

I would like to announce, we are expecting puppies: our A – litter !!!

In june we had a trip to far Germany for beautiful dog Barclay – Ch. Amalie Prince of Love (import from England) and usg examination confirmed, that our Samantha is pregnant.
We added beautiful photos of Samantha und Barclay together. 

During our trip to Germany we went to beautiful Luxem­burg. Some photos from the trip in capital city of Luxemburg are here.

26.04.2013 we took a part at charity event Zmysel života, years-old Kamilka with Samantha were entered for dog show, and they won together lots of lovely prizes!

04.06.2013 we visited cynological hobby group in OC Mirage. We taught children about collie breed. I created new photogallery from this day.


09.06.2013 - Summer is coming...

kolia dlhosrsta – samantha sue zelene tujeSummer is coming here… finally!! :)
You can see some summer photos in new photogallery from our walk with Sam in our meadows.


03.05.2013 - Collie & Sheltie Clubshow - Terchová

kolia dlhosrsta – tinky winky zelene tuje27.4.2013 We took a part at our Slovak Clubshow with both our collies.
Samina was 2nd in championclass bitches, with results Excellent 2., reserve CAC and Tinky Winky won his juniorclass with Excellent 1, CAJC, Youth Club Winner 2013 and he finally became BOB Junior from all 14 collie-juniors at the Clubshow!
From this day is our Tinky officially stud dog.
More information abot the Clubshow you can find in our new photogallery from the show.

We add also new photogallery from our walk in Terchová from Sunday after Clubshow.

We add some new photos to our Samantha and Tinky too. :-)


17.04.2013 - Trip to Holland

kolia dlhosrstaIn April we were preparing to our big trip. With Janka and Richard wewere invited to the Netherland. We lived in small village Wijdenes by Mrs. Miep van Dulken (kennel Lovely of the Unicorn). We spent few days here, when Miep showed to us Holland. We saw beautiful Holland´s villages, had a walk in near city – Hoorn, had walks by Markermeer – the biggest Holland´s lake (in history sea), we had a trip to north side of Holland by the North Sea, and we were visited famous Amsterdam.
We took 30 GB photos and it is difficult to choos „the best“. :-) I created more photogalleries:

Otherwise, we took a part on the big Hollands Clubshow of rough and smooth collies. There were entered 125 collies. In females – junior class were 17 young bitches. We are very happy that our Samantha was awarded as Excellent 3., in champion class. The judge was breeder specialist Alan Clarke from Great Britain. At the show we met lots of friends & colliebreeders…
In gallery you can find the big one from whole Clubshow: KCM – ClubShow of CollieClub in Holland.


25.03.2013 - Hiking

At 25.3.2013 we went with Samantha and Tinky Winky to the trip – to mountain Kľak. We enjoyed next beautiful trip, I added new photogallery from Kľak in our galleries.


18.02.2013 - Tinky Winky in Hungary

kolia dlhosrsta tinky winky15.2.2013 CACIB dogshow FEHOVA – Budapest
Our Tinky Winky (14 months old) won in Junior class in strong competition Excellent 1 and CAC-J !! I appreciate this results because of the judge was breeder specialist István Székely. Thank you for his opinion on my dog.

On 17th February 2013 past 30 years from the day, when was born the first collie which our family have ever had (*17.2.1983). His name was Gaston – he was bought by my grandfather for my father and aunt, he had in pedigree high-quality collies on these ages. All from my family remember him as a really special dog and he usually is the subject of our conversation. After years, when I decided for collies, they all were keen on my decision and collies became the members of our families again… :-)))
I created little photogallery of our Gaston.

4.2.2013 – Samantha in school
We visited „cynological hobby group“ in school – we were invited by Maťka Michalková (big thanks!). Photos taken by Tomino Čontofalský – you can look at lovely photogallery from school. Samantha and me taught little children something about collies.
Everybody enjoyed this time and children learn lots of new information.


28.01.2013 - TOP DOG 2012

Results from all-year competition TOP DOG 2012 of our Club are here :-) I would like to announce that our only 1year old boy Tinky Winky became 1. TOP YOUTH COLLIE ROUGH DOG and 4. TOP DOG COLLIE ROUGH !! Our sweet Samantha became 2. TOP COLLIE ROUGH BITCH 2012 in a strong competition of high quality females!! We are very proud of our collies!!

Tinky Winky has a new photos in his photogallery – at the age of 13 months!


23.12.2012 - We wish you merry Christmas and all the best in 2013 !!!

kolia dlhosrsta – samantha sue zelene tujeAt 22.12.2012 we visited the Low Tatras with our friends. We decided to go to the Ďumbier – 2043 m. – the highest peak of Low Tatras. The trip was great, the weather was amazing and the views absolutely beautiful…

I added new photogallery from the trip on Ďumbier – photos full of beatiful scenery, mountains, dogs and nature…

We have a big pleasure from our Tinky Winky – we received his hips examinations and the results are: HD A/A and ED 0/0!
We are very happy and make some new photos of him too :-)

At 1.-2.12. 2012 Our Samantha took part on the 2× CACIB Nitra dogshows. We spent wonderful weekend with our friends.


14.11.2012 - Trip to Romania

10.-11.11.2012 – This weekend we made a perfect trip with Janka Brossmannová (bluemerle collies kennel Yaless Blue) to the far Romanian city Craiova. Except the great experiences our Samantha – 20 months old – took home already her third CACIB and also fulfilled the conditions for obtaining the next championship !!! Thanks to Janka and Grace for the company on our unforgettable tour! :-)
Nice photos from this trip you can find here, in photogallery.

Our Tinky Winky is growing up very fast. In his photogallery you can find the newest photos – 11 months old :-)


04.10.2012 - trip to Croatia

kolia dlhosrsta – chorvatskoNew photogallery: trip to Straník.
29.9.2012 at Saturday we took a beautiful autumn weather and made trip to the hill Straník.

At held on the meeting of collie´s breeders and owners in Slovakia – called „Lassie weekend“. This event took place in the beautiful countryside of Kysuce on the wood cottage Kamilka. Thanks to all with whom we can spend a nice weekend!
The perfect atmosphere of the event can be viewed in the photogallery: Lassie weekend.

14.15. a 16.9.2012 I de­cided to participate on the one CAC and two CACIB dog shows in Croatia with Samantha and our youngster Tinky Winky. Once again, we explored nice new places and the results of our collies was also great. 10-months old sweetheart Tinky Winky got 3× CAJC, 3× Junior BOB, BOB and became the Junior Champion of Croatia. Samantha was again perfectly awarded as 3× CAC, 2× CACIB and BOB.

Thanks to our friends from kennel Radiva Baby for the superb weekend, that we spent together!
More photos from weekend you can find in our photogallery from Croatia.



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