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Melina vom Traumland Woblitz-See "Hanny" 

brood bitch, dominant sable, 55 cms, *22.01.2017

- Pedigree -

(Ch. Rydeen Blaze of Glory x Temptation of Summer vom Traumland Woblitz-See)

Mother of G litterCH litter and J litter

Dominant sable bitch from kennel vom Traumland Woblitz-See (DE)

Melina is wonderful and strong girl from Germany, always happily wagging tail. I love her father for a long time and I always considered to choose him for mating my females. He is big and majestic male with good lengh of body, long neck and beautiful expression. Her mother is very elegant female, daughter of famous Ch. Hokus-Pokus vom Addlerwappen.

Father Ch. Rydeen Blaze of Glory, mother Temptation of Summer vom Traumland Woblitz-See:

Otec MitchOtec MitchOtec MitchMatka TemptationMatka TemptationMatka Temptation

In next generations there are health-checked ancestors, very well built and good size! Grandfather is my favourite french male Bogart of Lowlands Green Valley, in her pedigree is linebreed to famous english dog Ch. Xotic Lover of Slatestone. Melina is from good mother-line full of very elegant mothers-champions, for example, except mothers, both grandmothers: Ch. Believe in Love of Slatestone and Ch. Wild Angel von Cavalcanti, and many more...

Health Results:

CEA/PRA/kat. free (negat.) Eye Examinations
HD A/A (free) Hip Dysplasia
ED 0/0 (free) Elbow Dysplasia


Show Results:

Date ShowJudgeResults
03.06.2017 Collie Clubshow Humpolec (CZ) Karen McDevitt (IRL) Very promising 1
17.02.2018 Collie Club Show Budapest AAPKK Jean-Paul Kerihuel (FR) Excellent 3 (from 10)
14.04.2018 Club show Lučenec Harald Steinmetz (DE) Excellent 3 (from 11)
26.05.2018 NDS Miskolc (HU) Vinnai Andras (HU) Excellent 1, CAC
26.05.2018 NDS Miskolc (HU) Gere Tibor (HU) Excellent 1, CAC  
27.05.2018 NDS Szerencs (HU) Szandor Szabo (HU) Excellent 1, CAC  


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