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Debussy Fellow of Eternity "Debsie" 

stud dog, dominant sable, 59 cms, fullteeth, *21.8.2017

- Pedigree -

(ICh. Asan Fellow of Eternity x Ch. Rumba Regality Zelene tuje)

debussy baner2023

Debsy is living in Poland (near Krakow), in kennel Aksjar. In spring 2020 he became father of beautiful litter - 8 puppies.


Health results:

HD A/A free hip dysplasia
ED 0/0 free elbow dysplasia
MDR +/+ Multiple Drug Resistence
DM +/+ or +/- Degenerative Myelopathy


Show results:

2.2.2018 IDS Katowice Frank Kane, UK Excellent 1, CAC
7.7.2018 NDS Bedznik Kulik Justyna Excellent 1
16.6.2018 NDS Krakow Chwaliborg, PL Excellent 1
16.12.2018 IDS Lublin Kevin Young Excellent 1, CAC, res. CACIB
2.2.2019 IDS Katowice Frank Kane, UK Excellent 1, CAC
30.6.2019 IDS Krakow Judith Papp, HU Excellent 2



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