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Rough collie kennel

Fellow of Eternity

All our collies are members of our families. Companions on walks, trips and hiking, they play football with children, travel with us over weekends, and take a part at evenings summer grill-parties. You can find several photos from our life with collies, both from home and from trips, in this gallery. We are also a member of Non-profit Organization: The Purpose of Life; which specializes in activities, therapies and education with the assistance of dogs.

First collie rough in our family was dark-sable male Gaston, born 17th of feb. 1983.

So in 2009 we reserved sable female from French male: ICh. Discovered Dream du Clos de Seawind.

Female Samantha was born in 2011. At the beginning of 2012 sable male from French lines, Tinky Winky joined our family.

In. 2013 was born our first A-litter. We mated in Germany with Ch. Amalie Prince of Love. Sable male Asan from this litter stayed at our kennel. 

Decision for a new puppy, tricolour one, was very fast... Damien is puppy from brilliant French lines, after ICh. Flaming Black Jack du Chemin des Randonnees.

Samanta fulfilled conditions to Interchampion title this year.

In 2014 we were very successful in "show field" - Damien won big junior class at German Clubshow (judge Alan Clarke, UK), then was Qualified to the famous Cruft´s and the best: he became European Junior Winner and Junior BOB at EDS 2014

In 2015 Samantha became Best of Breed at Clubshow in Czech Republic and Damien Best in Show at Clubshow in Slovakia

Our the second B-litter was born in 2016. We keep dark-sable female Blanche, male Bond-James Bond is in kennel Delfluvia (Spain).

Asan became this year Best of Breed and BOS at many Clubshows and IDS in countries around us, under judges from UK. He was also qualified at Crufts dog show.

C-litter was born in 2017after male with UK liens from The Netherlands: JW. Now and Then of The Lovely Bears. We keep dark-sable male Carlisle in our kennel. Camembert lives in kennel Collies of Ardennes Heart (Belgium), Cicero lives in kennel Ekscelencja (Poland), Carisma Cara lives in kennel Zelene tuje (Slovakia), Carpe Diem lives in kennel Raj Karpat (Czech Republic).

We travelled to the Netherland again - for our beautiful blue-merle princess Fantaisie, after we fell in love with her mother: Ch. Can´t Buy Me Love of The Lovely Bears. And because we missed high-quality, unrelated sable female for males from our kennel, we imported also puppy bitch Hanny from Germany. Her father is beautiful Rydeen Blaze of Glory. 

D-litter was born at the end of summer, after our ICh. Asan Fellow of Eternity. We keep luxurious boy Davidoff. His brother Debussy joined kennel Aksjar in Poland.  

Blanche won Best Junior from 27 entered juniors at our biggest Clubshow that year, under well-known professional judge Duna Jones (UK).

Asan and Damien that year fulfilled conditions to Interchampion title.

We won 1st place in kennel Best in Show at the Clubshow in autumn 2017, Asan became Best male, Blanche Best female and Best of Breed! Over 60 collies were entered and judge was collie specialist & breeder Istvan Szekely from Hungary. This was unforgettable show. 

At the end of year, wonderful E-litter after french male ICh. Inspire Black Amnis Rhei was born. Eloisee joined kennel of Ardennes Heart (Belgium) and Eywa lives in kennel in Poland.

To become good breeders who are experts at the breed, who understand the collie health issues and who are acquainted with different bloodlines, we continuously educate ourselves in our own interest. ;)

We keep up with latest trends in breeding in different countries. We maintain active relationship with many foreign breeders and travel on the dog shows to different countries. He have travelled over 15 European countries with our collies so far; we have got to mention at least Dutch (2013), German (2014, 2016), Czech (2015, 2016, 2017), Hungarian (2016, 2017)Austrian (2016) Club shows where we gained valuable results.

I wish rough collies from our kennel bring as much pleasure for their new owners as they bring for us.  

Katarína Schmiesterová, DVM

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And our life with collies? What does it look like?

We enjoy going for walks and trips and hiking with our collies, fly in the meadows, exploring new places …


… play with them, have trainings, try new activities …


… pampered and cuddle our the most beloved puppies …

… travel around the world with our collies …

… go to shows (and be the winner also :) ) …

… pose in front of the lens and take pictures …

… relax at home on the sofa …


… or just do some „crazy things“ :) …