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Welcome on pages of collie rough kennel

We have 6 darksable puppies 

The Rough Collie – Intelligent, Sensitive and Very Adaptive. Whether you would like to go with it on a trip, hiking, do sports or watch the evening news; the collie keenly engages in every activity. Whatever the weather, adults, youth and children alike all appreciates its good mood and sensitive perception all the time. Everyone who has had a rough collie will attest to its family nature and wouldn’t replace it with any other dog breed.

Are you looking for the suitable dog for your family or your children? Do you live in a flat and you are afraid of the myth about a big longwooled dog and it’s never-ending teasing? Know the collie and you will be very surprised! :-)

 We wish you pleasant surfing on our pages!

Last update: 16.11.2016