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Fantaisie d'Amour Baska's Collies

(Gentle Lover vom Traumland Woblitz-See x Ch. Can´t Buy Me Love of The Lovely Bears)

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blue-merle female, *5.11.2016, from Baska´s Collies (NL)

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CEA/PRA/Kat. free / negat. clinical eyes examinations
MDR +/- Multiple Drug Resistence
HD A/A (free) Hip Dysplasia
ED 0/0 (free) Elbow Dysplasia
Show results:
25.03.2017 Collie Clubshow (HU) Anna Kochan (PL) Very promising 1
08.04.2017 Collie & Sheltie Clubshow (SK) Duna Jones (UK) Very promising 1
09.09.2017 IDS Hodmezovasarhely (HU) Eva Eriksson (SWE) Excellent 3
10.09.2017 IDS Hodmezovasarhely (HU) Stefan Sinko (SLO) Excellent 1, CAJC
15.09.2017 Collie & Sheltie Specialshow (SK) István Székely (HU) Excellent 2 (from 6)
16.09.2017 IDS Nitra (SK) Jean Lawless (IRL) Excellent 3
26.05.2018 NDS Miskolc Vinnai Andras (HU) Excellent 1, CAC
26.05.2018 NDS Miskolc Gere Tibor (HU) Excellent 1, CAC
27.05.2018 NDS Szerencs Szabo Sandor (HU) Excellent 1, CAC


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