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Our offsprings - kennel Fellow of Eternity

All puppies in our kennel are growing up & socialized with love and responsibility. We are happy for every photo & info about growing puppies, contact with new owners is our wish. In our breeding we use only HD free & CEA/PRA/kat. free collies with a good size. We do not modify or glue ears in our kennel. Our offspring are also members of kennels in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, UK , Hungary... 

Click on the picture & you will see info, photos and videos from that litter or each puppy.


K LITTER - 23.03.2021 - 6 darksable puppies were born

ch vrh odchovy

a cheesecakea chupa chupsa chiquititaavatar koblizkaavatar kokoskaavatar krowka


J LITTER - 23.01.2021 - 3 darksable puppies were born

i vrh odchov



I LITTER - 28.07.2020 - 4 sable-white puppies were born

i vrh odchov



CH LITTER - 20.05.2020 - 6 sable-white puppies were born

ch vrh odchovy

a cheesecakea chupa chupsa chiquitita



H LITTER - 17.02.2020 - 8 blue-merle/tricolor puppies were born

h vrh odchov

profil hilfigerprofil haydnprofil himalayan snowflake

profil halfmoonprofil hashtag


G LITTER - 31.01.2019 was born female Georgiana from combination:

g vrh odchov


F LITTER - 30.01.2019 were born 5 blue-merle & tricolour puppies in our kennel

f vrh web odchov f

frederic ikonka ferdo ikonka fernet ikonka fanta ikonka facebook ikonka


E LITTER - 26.11.2017 were born 5 sable & tricolour puppies in our kennel



D LITTER - 21.08.2017 were born 5 sable puppies in our kennel



C LITTER - 07.02.2017 - 9 sable puppies were born


B LITTER - 19.4.2016 - 6 sable puppies were born


A LITTER - 12.8.2013 - 3 sable puppies were born