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Collie rough puppies - N litter Fellow of Eternity

20.04.2023 was born fantastic sable puppies   

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We would like to introduce you beautiful litter - they are very big, active, with birth-weight over 300g. Mother is our very impressive young female Poppy & father is extremely successful male Rocky. Click to see high-quality pedigree of puppies.

♥ Few photos of N-puppies 

n-vrh-fellow-of-eternity_1.jpg n-vrh-fellow-of-eternity_2.jpg n-vrh-fellow-of-eternity_3.jpg n-vrh-fellow-of-eternity_4.jpg n-vrh-fellow-of-eternity_5.jpg nvrh1.jpg nvrh2.jpg nvrh3.jpg nvrh4.jpg nvrh5.jpg

We suppose very friendly characters like parents have, elegant body-building, big size, and the right "sweet expression". Both parents, grandparents and great-grandparents are examinated for eye diseases and HD, ED with free results.


nvrh 1200


Father of puppies: ICh. STONEHAVEN PRIDE HARD ROCK "Rocky"

stonehavenpridehardrock_1.jpg stonehavenpridehardrock_2.jpg stonehavenpridehardrock_3.jpg stonehavenpridehardrock_4.jpg stonehavenpridehardrock_5.jpg nvrh1.jpg nvrh2.jpg nvrh3.jpg nvrh4.jpg nvrh5.jpg


Mother of puppies:  KOBLIŽKA FELLOW OF ETERNITY "Poppy"

koblizkafellowofeternity1.jpg koblizkafellowofeternity2.jpg koblizkafellowofeternity3.jpg koblizkafellowofeternity4.jpg koblizkafellowofeternity5.jpg nvrh1.jpg nvrh2.jpg nvrh3.jpg nvrh4.jpg nvrh5.jpg