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Tinky Winky Zelené Tuje

stud dog, dominant sable, 61cms, fullteeth, *24.11.2011

(ICh. Discovered Dream du Clos de Seawind x Ch. Enigma Empress du Clos de Seawind)

Chovny pes kolie dlhosrstej – Tinky Winky Zelene tuje


Tinky Winky is majestic and big dog - very elegant male with strong bones. Strong ead and extremelly sweet expression catch your eye! Muzzle is long with strong underjaw, eye is correct size and colour, ears are settled  on the top of head. He is superfriendly to every person he mmet on the street. His pedigree is full of famous english and french legendary collies.


Health results:
HD A/A (free) Hip Dysplasia
ED 0/0 (free) Elbow Dysplasia
CEA/PRA/KAT free (negat.) Eye Examinations
JRD free (negat.) Juvenil Renal Dysplasie
MDR +/- Multiple Drug Resistance

Show results

14.04.2012 Collie Clubshow Hurbanovo (SK) Vladimír Javorčík (SK) Very promising
25.08.2012 CAC Zrenjanin (SRB) Sonja Bognič (SRB) 1. Excellent, CAJC, Junior BOB, BOB, 2. BIS Junior FCI I., 2. BIS brace
26.08.2012 CAC Stapar (SRB) Željko Todorović (SRB) 1. Excellent, CAJC, Junior BOB
 Juniorchampion of Serbia 
14.09.2012 CAC Vukovar (HR) Siniša Cujan (HR) 1. Excellent, CAJC, Junior BOB, BOB
15.09.2012 CACIB Osijek (HR) Dubravka Reicher (D) 1. Excellent, CAJC, Junior BOB
16.09.2012 CACIB Osijek (HR) Vladimir Žižakov (SRB) 1. Excellent, CAJC, Junior BOB
 Juniorchampion of Croatia
 1. TOP collie rough junior male 2012  
 4. TOP collie rough male 2012  
15.02.2013 CACIB Fehova Budapešť (H) István Székely (H) 1. Excellent, CAJC
27.04.2013 Collie Clubshow Terchová (SK) Vladimir Žižakov (SRB) 1. Excellent, CAJC, Club Youth Winner, BOB Junior (from 14 juniors), 1. BIS brace
07.09.2013 Collie Clubshow Hurbanovo (SK) Heike Bilsheim (DE) 2. Excellent, res. CAC
26.10.2013 CACIB Bratislava (SK) Piskay Vladimír (SK) 1. Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOS


Photogallery of Tinky:

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