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ICh. Asan Fellow of Eternity 

stud dog, dominant sable, 60 cms, fullteeth, *12.08.2013

Pedigree / Photo-pedigree

(Ch. Amalie Prince of Love x ICh. Samantha Sue Zelené tuje)

Steniatko kolie dlhosrstej – Asan Fellow of Eternity

Offsprings / Mating

Sunny is first born male in our kennel and he is all the best of both parents. Despite his top French-English pedigree, fantastic physical structure and friendly character, he is one of few collies in Europe (only one in Slovakia) with excellent health profile. He has all results negative! Sunny’s qualities are appreciated by many foreign breeders, who choose him as a stud dog for theirs bitches. Mating with Asan is natural: easy and fast.

His show results are extraordinary. He received excellent ratings and titles at international dogshows judged by many breed specialists and long term breeders. To mention few: Best male dog (BOS) at club dogshow judged by Karen McDevitt (IRL), Best male dog (BOS) at international dogshow  judged by Charlotte Hoier (DK), Best collie (BOB) at international dogshow judged by June Wall (IRL), 2nd place in champion class judged by Brian Hawkins (GB) and much more…

Sunny’s mother is our Samantha. All her ancestors were from notable english and french lines where you can find many famous names. 

Father of our Sunny is beautiful dark sable dog Ch. Amalie Prince of Love. He’s one of the most beautiful dogs from famous kennel - Amalie. His father is british champion Ch. Lynmead Simply In My Soul, progeny of legendary Ch. Amalie Deep In My Soul.
Health results:
HD A/A (free) Hip Dysplasia
ED 0/0 (free) Elbow Dysplasia
CEA/PRA/KAT free (negat.) Eye Examinations
MDR1  +/+  Multiple Drug Resistance
DM  +/+  Degenerative Myelopatie
PRA-rcd2  +/+  Progressive Retina Atrophy
JRD +/+ Juvenile Renal Dysplasia

Show results:

10.05.2014 Jubilee Collie Clubshow (SK) Timea Kakas (HU) Very promising, short list about "Best head" and "Best movement" in breed, 2. BIS brace
11.05.2014 Collie Clubshow Lučenec (SK) István Székely (HU) Very promising, 2. BIS brace
17.05.2014 Regional dog show Dvorianky (SK) Miroslav Václavík (CZ) 1.Excellent, Youth class winner
05.07.2014 National dog show Košice, Veľká Ida (SK) Grzegor Robak (PL) 1. Excellent, CAJC
20.07.2014 National dog show Nowy Targ (PL) Barbara Czasławska (PL) 1. Excellent, CAJC, BOS
07.09.2014 Collie Clubshow Košice (SK) Vladimír Piskay (SK) 3. Excellent
21.02.2015 International dogshow Cluj-Napoca Martin Croeser 1. Excellent, CAC, CACIB
22.02.2015 International dogshow Cluj-Napoca András Korózs (HU) 1. Excellent, CAC, res. CACIB
     !! Sunny fullfiled conditions for the title CHAMPION !!
11.04.2015 Collie ClubShow Lučenec (SK)
Michel Mocqué (FR) 2. Excellent, res. CAC
20.09.2015 Special collie & Sheltie Show Prešov (SK) Pawel Boniecki (PL) 1. Excellent, CAC
16.04.2016 Collie Clubshow Lučenec (SK) Tony Iley (UK) 2. Excellent, res. CAC (from 6 in class)
14.05.2016 Collie Clubshow Szilvásvárad (HU) Karen McDevitt (IRL) 1. Excellent, CAC, Club Winner, BOS
02.07.2016 National dog show Velká Ida (SK) Sandor Szabo (HU) 1. Excellent, CAC
31.07.2016 British sheepdogs Clubshow (A) Brian Hawkins (UK) 2. Excellent, res. CAC
16.09.2016 IDS Kecskemét (HU) June Wall (IRL) 1. Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB
17.09.2016 Special collie club show Nitra (SK) Javorčík Vladimír (SK) 2. Excellent, res. CAC (from 7 in class)
08.10.2016 IDS Komárom (HU) Charlotte Hoier (DK) 1. Excellent, CAC, CACIB, Crufts Qualification, BOS
25.03.2017 Collie Clubshow (HU) Anna Kochan (PL) Excellent
08.04.2017 Collie & Sheltie Clubshow (SK) Duna Jones (UK) 2. Excellent, res. CAC
03.06.2017 Collie & Sheltie Clubshow (CZ) Karen McDevitt (IRL) 1. Excellent, CAC (from 6 in class)
10.06.2017 IDS Székesfehervár (HU) István Székely (HU) 1. Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOS
!! Sunny fullfiled conditions for the title Hungarian CHAMPION !!
18.06.2017 IDS Krakow (PL) Gabriela Ridarčíková 1. Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB
!! Sunny fullfiled conditions for the title INTERCHAMPION !!
09.09.2017 IDS Hodmezovasarhely (HU) Eva Eriksson (SWE) 1. Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOS
10.09.2017 IDS Hodmezovasarhely (HU) Stefan Sinko (SLO) 1. Excellent, CAC, res. CACIB
15.09.2017 Collie & Sheltie Special show (SK) István Székely (HU) 1. Excellent, CAC, Special winner, BOB, BIS brace
16.09.2017 IDS Nitra (SK) Jean Lawless (IRL) 2. Excellent, res.CAC
14.04.2018 Club Show Lučenec Harald Steinmetz (DE) 1. Excellent, CAC, Club winner
26.05.2018 NDS Miskolc(HU) Vinnai Andras (HU) 1. Excellent, CAC
26.05.2018 NDS Miskolc(HU) Gere Tibor (HU) 1. Excellent, CAC, BOB
27.05.2018 NDS Szerencs (HU) Szandor Szabo (HU) 1. Excellent, res. CAC
13.04.2019 Collie Clubshow Lučenec Bertie Smeijsters (BEL) 1. Excellent, CAC
14.04.2019 Collie Clubshow Lučenec Ruud Santen (NL) 1. Excellent, CAC
14.07.2019 NDS Nowy Targ (PL) Vladimír Piskay (SK) 1. Excellent, CAC, Best male, BOB
12.10.2019 Collie Special Clubshow Košice Tibor Hargitai (HU)

1. Excellent, CAC

Photogallery of Sunny:

2020-asan-fellow-of-eternity-collie-rough-sable-stud-male_1.jpg 2020-asan-fellow-of-eternity-collie-rough-sable-stud-male_2.jpg 2020-asan-fellow-of-eternity-collie-rough-sable-stud-male_3.jpg 2020-asan-fellow-of-eternity-collie-rough-sable-stud-male_4.jpg 2020-asan-fellow-of-eternity-collie-rough-sable-stud-male_5.jpg 2020-asan-fellow-of-eternity-collie-rough-sable-stud-male_6.jpg 02.jpg asan166.jpg asan165.jpg asan164.jpg asan163.jpg asan162.jpg asan161.jpg asan160.jpg asan159.jpg asan158.jpg asan157.jpg asan156.jpg asan155.jpg asan154.jpg asan153.jpg asan152.jpg asan151.jpg asan150.jpg asan149.jpg asan148.jpg asan147.jpg asan146.jpg asan145.jpg asan144.jpg asan142.jpg asan141.jpg asan140.jpg asan139.jpg asan138.jpg asan137.jpg asan136.jpg asan135.jpg asan134.jpg asan133.jpg asan132.jpg asan131.jpg asan130.jpg asan129.jpg asan128.jpg asan127.jpg asan126.jpg asan125.jpg asan124.jpg asan123.jpg asan122.jpg asan121.jpg asan120.jpg asan119.jpg asan118.jpg asan117.jpg asan116.jpg asan115.jpg asan114.jpg asan113.jpg asan112.jpg asan111.jpg asan111.jpg asan109.jpg asan108.jpg asan107.jpg asan106.jpg asan105.jpg asan104.jpg asan103.jpg asan102.jpg asan101.jpg asan100.jpg asan99.jpg asan98.jpg asan97.jpg asan96.jpg asan95.jpg asan94.jpg asan93.jpg asan92.jpg asan91.jpg asan90.jpg asan89.jpg asan88.jpg asan87.jpg asan86.jpg asan85.jpg asan84.jpg asan83.jpg asan82.jpg asan81.jpg asan80.jpg asan79.jpg asan78.jpg asan77.jpg asan76.jpg asan75.jpg asan74.jpg asan73.jpg asan72.jpg asan71.jpg asan70.jpg asan69.jpg asan68.jpg asan67.jpg asan66.jpg asan65.jpg asan64.jpg asan63.jpg asan62.jpg asan61.jpg asan60.jpg asan59.jpg asan58.jpg asan57.jpg asan56.jpg asan55.jpg asan54.jpg asan53.jpg asan52.jpg asan51.jpg asan50.jpg asan49.jpg asan48.jpg asan47.jpg asan46.jpg asan45.jpg asan44.jpg asan43.jpg asan42.jpg asan41.jpg asan40.jpg asan39.jpg asan38.jpg asan37.jpg asan36.jpg asan35.jpg asan34.jpg asan33.jpg asan32.jpg asan31.jpg asan30.jpg asan29.jpg asan28.jpg asan27.jpg asan26.jpg asan25.jpg asan24.jpg asan23.jpg asan22.jpg asan21.jpg asan20.jpg asan19.jpg asan18.jpg asan17.jpg asan16.jpg asan15.jpg asan14.jpg asan13.jpg asan12.jpg asan11.jpg asan10.jpg asan9.jpg asan8.jpg asan7.jpg asan6.jpg asan5.jpg asan4.jpg asan3.jpg asan2.jpg asan1.jpg