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ICh. Damien Black Amnis Rhei

stud dog, tricolor, 58.5 cms, fullteeth, *03.10.2013


(ICh. Flaming Black Jack du Chemin des Randonnées x Ch. Ginger Black du Clos de Seawind)

Chovny pes kolie dlhosrstej – Damien Black Amnis Rhei

Offsprings / Mating

Damien - first tri dog in our family with amazing, sweet expression, correct eye and fantastic, spotless ears on the top of head. He is very active dog with ball instead his brain :) Thanks to his great character and good health results he sired many litters in different countries, mating with him is easy and natural.

At his first dog show in abroad, legendary Alan Clarke said: "This dog has big future". How right he was... Only 1-year old Damien became European Junior Winner and Best Junior at European Dog Show. He was awarded as "best movement in breed" at Collie Clubshow and as 2 years old he won Best in Show at Collie Speciality Show and CAC and CACIB in competence with dogs from 7 (!) countries. He fulfilled conditions to Champion title, Grandchampion, Interchampion and winner of many Collie Club Shows.

Damien's mother Gina is imported from French kennel and her father Dazzle is one of the most famous blue-merle dogs in Europe, from class Elite-A. Damien's father Flaming is high-quality french dog who won biggest FR Club Show in 2012. His father Don Juan is legendary dog from class Elite-A as well... The pedigree is full of legendary collies who will like every specialist for collies rough.


Health results:
DBK A/A (free) Hip Dysplasia
DLK 0/0 (free) Elbow Dysplasia
CEA/PRA/KAT free (negat.) Eye Examinations
DM +/+  Degenerative Myelopatie
PRA-rcd2 +/+ Progressive Retina Atrophy
MDR -/- Multiple Drug Resistance
Show results:
10.05.2014 Jubilee Collie Clubshow Lučenec (SK) Timea Kakas (HU) Very promising, short list to final competitions „Best head“ and „Best movement“ in breed
11.05.2014 Collie Clubshow Lučenec (SK) István Székely (HU) Very promising, 1. BIS PUPPY
17.05.2014 Regional dog show Dvorianky (SK) Miroslav Václavík (CZ) Very promising, 1. BIS PUPPY
31.08.2014 Collie Clubshow Berlin (DE) Alan Clarke (UK) 1. Excellent, CAC-J (from 6 juniors)
07.09.2014 Collie Clubshow Košice (SK) Vladimír Piskay (SK) 1. Excellent, CAJC
05.10.2014 International dog show Bratislava (SK) Milan Krinke (CZ) 1. Excellent, CAJC, Cruft´s Quali­ficaton, BOS
23.10.2014 European dog show Brno (CZ) Dana Fialová (CZ) 1. Excellent, CAJC, EUROPEAN JUNIOR WINNER 2014, Junior BOB
21.02.2015 International dogshow Cluj-Napca (RO) Martin Croeser 1. Excellent, CAC, res. CACIB
22.02.2015 International dogshow Cluj-Napca (RO) András Korósz (HU) 1. Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB
  !! Dami fullfiled conditions for the title CHAMPION !!
11.04.2015 Collie Clubshow Lučenec Michel Mocqué (FR) 1. Excellent, CAC (from 5 champions), Best movement in breed
22.08.2015 Special Collie Club Show Ostrava (CZ) Róbert Kotlár (HU) 2. Excellent, res. CAC
20.09.2015 Special collie & Sheltie Show Prešov (SK) Pawel Boniecki (PL) 1. Excellent, CAC, Special winner, BOB, BIS
07.11.2015 Collie & Sheltie Clubshow Mladá Boleslav (Czech Rep.) Michel Mocqué (FR) 2. Excellent, res. CAC (from 5 champions)
07.02.2016 IDS Brno (CZ) Sandor Szabo (HU) 1. Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOS (collies from 7 countries)
07.05.2016 Club Show Chropyne (CZ) Brian Hawkins (GB) 1. Excellent, CAC (from 5)
17.09.2016 Special collie show Nitra Javorčík Vladimír (SK) 1. Excellent, CAC
!! Dami fullfiled conditions for the title CLUB CHAMPION !!
08.10.2016 IDS Turda (RO) S.Vretenič (SRB) 1. Excellent, CAC, res.CACIB
09.10.2016 IDS Turda (RO) C.Stefanescu (RO) 1. Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB
!! Dami fullfiled conditions for the title GRANDCHAMPION !!
13.11.2016 Collie Clubshow Badberen (DE) Alan Clarke (GB) 1. Excellent, CAC
11.12.2016 IDS Lublin (PL) Richard Kinsey (GB) 1. Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB
08.04.2017 Collie Club Show Žilina (SK) Duna Jones (UK) 1. Excellent, BIS honour class
03.06.2017 Collie Clubsow Humpolec (CZ) Karen McDevitt (IRL) 3. Excellent (from 8 champions)
01.07.2017 IDS Veľká Ida (SK) Judith Korozs-Papp (HU) 1. Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB
!! Dami fullfiled conditions for the title INTERCHAMPION !!

Photogallery of Dami:

Damien-Black-Amnis-Rhei-jesen-2019_1.jpg Damien-Black-Amnis-Rhei-jesen-2019_2.jpg Damien-Black-Amnis-Rhei-jesen-2019_3.jpg Damien-Black-Amnis-Rhei-jesen-2019_4.jpg Damien-Black-Amnis-Rhei-jesen-2019_5.jpg Damien-Black-Amnis-Rhei-jesen-2019_6.jpg Damien-Black-Amnis-Rhei-jesen-2019_7.jpg Damien-Black-Amnis-Rhei-jesen-2019_8.jpg damien147.jpg damien146.jpg damien145.jpg damien144.jpg damien143.jpg damien142.jpg damien141.jpg damien140.jpg damien139.jpg damien138.jpg damien137.jpg damien136.jpg damien135.jpg damien134.jpg damien133.jpg damien132.jpg damien131.jpg damien130.jpg damien129.jpg damien128.jpg damien127.jpg damien126.jpg damien125.jpg damien124.jpg damien123.jpg damien122.jpg damien121.jpg damien120.jpg damien119.jpg damien118.jpg damien117.jpg damien116.jpg damien115.jpg damien114.jpg damien113.jpg damien112.jpg damien111.jpg damien110.jpg damien109.jpg damien108.jpg damien107.jpg damien106.jpg damien105.jpg damien104.jpg damien103.jpg damien102.jpg damien101.jpg damien100.jpg damien99.jpg damien98.jpg damien97.jpg damien96.jpg damien95.jpg damien94.jpg damien93.jpg damien92.jpg damien91.jpg damien90.jpg damien89.jpg damien88.jpg damien87.jpg damien86.jpg damien85.jpg damien84.jpg damien83.jpg damien82.jpg damien81.jpg damien80.jpg damien79.jpg damien78.jpg damien77.jpg damien76.jpg damien75.jpg damien74.jpg damien73.jpg damien72.jpg damien71.jpg damien70.jpg damien69.jpg damien68.jpg damien67.jpg damien66.jpg damien65.jpg damien64.jpg damien63.jpg damien62.jpg damien61.jpg damien60.jpg damien59.jpg damien58.jpg damien57.jpg damien56.jpg damien55.jpg damien54.jpg damien53.jpg damien52.jpg damien51.jpg damien50.jpg damien49.jpg damien48.jpg damien47.jpg damien46.jpg damien45.jpg damien44.jpg damien43.jpg damien42.jpg damien41.jpg damien40.jpg damien39.jpg damien38.jpg damien37.jpg damien36.jpg damien35.jpg damien34.jpg damien33.jpg damien32.jpg damien31.jpg damien30.jpg damien29.jpg damien28.jpg damien27.jpg damien26.jpg damien25.jpg damien24.jpg damien23.jpg damien22.jpg damien21.jpg damien20.jpg damien19.jpg damien18.jpg damien17.jpg damien16.jpg damien15.jpg damien14.jpg damien13.jpg damien12.jpg damien11.jpg damien10.jpg damien9.jpg damien8.jpg damien7.jpg damien6.jpg damien5.jpg damien4.jpg damien3.jpg damien2.jpg damien1.jpg