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6.5.2012 – Meeting of collie lovers in Zilina, at Visnovska valley.

This time at the meeting was attended by up to 17 dogs (rough and also smooth collies, shelties and others). Part of us went to a pizza restaraunt in Zilina – we were together whole day. What a wonderful day with friends! Thanks everyone for beautiful photos.

Thanks to all for a long way to us!

kolia-dlhosrsta-vylet-visnovska-dolina 1.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-vylet-visnovska-dolina 10.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-vylet-visnovska-dolina 11.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-vylet-visnovska-dolina 12.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-vylet-visnovska-dolina 13.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-vylet-visnovska-dolina 14.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-vylet-visnovska-dolina 2.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-vylet-visnovska-dolina 3.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-vylet-visnovska-dolina 4.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-vylet-visnovska-dolina 5.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-vylet-visnovska-dolina 6.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-vylet-visnovska-dolina 7.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-vylet-visnovska-dolina 8.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-vylet-visnovska-dolina 9.jpg