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9.10.2011 – We decided to try herding with Samantha.

There we met first time with Samantha´s brot­her Sali and his family. Samantha & Sali will be amazing herding dogs.

We spend there beautiful time, and left this place with lots of new experiences. In the future, we will go again :-)

kolia-dlhosrsta-pasenie-v-turanoch 1.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-pasenie-v-turanoch 2.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-pasenie-v-turanoch 3.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-pasenie-v-turanoch 4.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-pasenie-v-turanoch 5.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-pasenie-v-turanoch 6.jpg