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We spent weekend 9.-10.9.2017 in Hungary at double CACIB Hodmezovasarhely.

Our rising star ´Blanche Fellow of Eternity´ made us so happy with achieving titles 2x CAC, CACIB, BOB, and 2.BEST IN GROUP in age of 17 months !!!

ICh. Asan Fellow of Eternity: Excellent 1, 2x CAC, CACIB, res.CACIB, Best male
GCh. Adelaide Fellow of Eternity: 2x Excellent 2, res.CAC
Fantaisie du Amour Baska´s Collies - Excellent 1 HPJ (CAJC) & Exc.3

Judges: breed specialist Eva Eriksson (SWE) & Stefan Sinko (SLO)
I am proud of results and beautiful presentation of each collie, and thankful for a good time with real friends.

kolia-dlhosrsta-collie-rough 1.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-collie-rough 10.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-collie-rough 11.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-collie-rough 12.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-collie-rough 13.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-collie-rough 14.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-collie-rough 15.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-collie-rough 16.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-collie-rough 17.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-collie-rough 18.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-collie-rough 19.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-collie-rough 2.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-collie-rough 20.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-collie-rough 3.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-collie-rough 4.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-collie-rough 5.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-collie-rough 7.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-collie-rough 8.jpg kolia-dlhosrsta-collie-rough 9.jpg