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We would like to introduce you our new BIS WINNER! ♥ Ch. Damien Black Amnis Rhei !!!

We are very happy with results of our collies from well-organised Special Collie & Sheltie Show, Prešov 2015. Damien won Best of Breed & Best in Show. Judge: Pawel Boniecki, PL. Big congratulations to everyone, thank you for beautiful day!! We are very proud of our collies, offsrpings, friends... ♥

Damien - intermediate males - Excellent 1, CAC, Special Winner, BOB, BIS !!!

Sunny - open males - Excellent 1, CAC

Adele - open females - Excellent 2, res. CAC (from 5)

Samantha - champion females - Excellent 2, res. CAC

collie-rough-special-club-show-presov-2015 1.jpg collie-rough-special-club-show-presov-2015 10.jpg collie-rough-special-club-show-presov-2015 11.jpg collie-rough-special-club-show-presov-2015 12.jpg collie-rough-special-club-show-presov-2015 13.jpg collie-rough-special-club-show-presov-2015 14.jpg collie-rough-special-club-show-presov-2015 15.jpg collie-rough-special-club-show-presov-2015 16.jpg collie-rough-special-club-show-presov-2015 2.jpg collie-rough-special-club-show-presov-2015 3.jpg collie-rough-special-club-show-presov-2015 4.jpg collie-rough-special-club-show-presov-2015 5.jpg collie-rough-special-club-show-presov-2015 6.jpg collie-rough-special-club-show-presov-2015 7.jpg collie-rough-special-club-show-presov-2015 8.jpg collie-rough-special-club-show-presov-2015 9.jpg